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External Regulators

External Regulator 1

Adjustable from 13-20 volts

(supports 1 alternator)


External Regulator 2

Adjustable from 13-20 volts

(supports 3 alternator)


External Regulator 3

Adjustable from 13-20 volts

(supports 4-5 alternator)


External Regulator Mod w/out Relay Harness

Includes quick connect “dummy” regulator with pigtail

$50 per alt

External Regulator Mod w/ Relay Harness

Includes all wiring for external regulator and new internal quick connect “dummy” regulator with pigtail for alternator

$99 per alt

PCM Integration Module

Integrates with PCM controlled vehicles allowing voltage to stay constant at a pre-set 14.8v. Retains OEM functionality with no battery light.

$200 per unit

Pulleys, Output Posts, & Color

Positive Output Post


Clutch Pulley


Billet Overdrive Pulley


Custom Alternator Color 1

Basic paint
on stator windings


Custom Alternator Color 2

Premium paint on casing
includes ColorMatch


Custom Alternator Color 2.5

Premium paint on stator
windings – includes ColorMatch


Custom Alternator Color 3

Includes stator core &
casing color – includes ColorMatch


Custom Billet Alternator Color 1

Anodized front
billet casing


Custom Billet Alternator Color 2

Polished chrome look
front billet casing


**All prices include labor and are plus tax (where applicable) and shipping unless otherwise noted**