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External Regulators

External Regulator 1

Adjustable from 13-20 volts

(supports 1 alternator)


External Regulator 2

Adjustable from 13-20 volts

(supports 3+ alternators)


External Regulator Mod w/out Relay Harness

Includes quick connect “dummy” regulator with pigtail harness plug

$50 per alt

External Regulator Mod w/ Relay Harness

Includes all wiring for ER and new internal quick connect  regulator with pigtail for alternator

$99 per alt

PCM Module (Select Vehicles)

PCM Integration Module

Integrates with PCM controlled vehicles allowing voltage to stay constant at a pre-set 14.8v. Retains OEM functionality with no battery light. Currently available only for Ford and GM vehicles

$199 per unit

Pulleys, Output Posts, & Color

Positive Output Post


Clutch Pulley


Overdrive Pulley


Custom Alternator Color 1

Basic paint
on stator windings


Custom Alternator Color 2

Premium color on casing including flat or metallic


Custom Alternator Color 3

Color match to any code on casing including flat or metallic


Billet Machined Case

Billet machined custom casing upgrade for select vehicles and required upgrade for custom fit on some models


Custom Billet Alternator Color

Anodized front
billet machined casing available in standard colors except white